Anthem Blue Cross


Anthem Blue Cross, a nation-wide provider of health insurance, retained Vista Consulting’s services to develop and implement an effective communications plan for engagement with elected officials throughout Fresno County. Anthem sought to raise awareness surrounding their free Community Flu Shot Clinics for residents of Fresno County.


The window between raising awareness about the Community Flu Shot Clinics and the launch of the program was relatively small.


Vista Consulting devised and enacted a strategic communications schedule for direct communication with individual supervisors of Fresno County, the City of Fresno’s city council members, and all of their senior staff. This direct engagement provided an opportunity for Vista Consulting to raise awareness about the efforts of Anthem Blue Cross to improve the health outcomes of residents within the region, while also highlighting what elected officials can do to ensure their constituents have an opportunity to enjoy the health benefits from Anthem’s free Community Flu Shot Clinics.


Vista Consulting’s public affairs strategy was a great success. The office of every elected official that Vista Consulting engaged with committed to sharing the details of Anthem’s Community Flu Shot Clinics within their respective districts.

Anthem Blue Cross reported a significant increase in the number of community members they were able to reach through their flu shot clinic program(?).

Vista Consulting