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Club One Casino, a state and locally licensed cardroom casino located in Fresno, California, enlisted Vista Consulting to develop and implement a strategic government relations strategy to gain approval from the City of Fresno for the relocation of their casino from downtown Fresno to Granite Park in east central Fresno, California.


The cardroom’s formal request to the Fresno City Council to move from its downtown location to the Granite Park development was met with resistance from city leaders. 


Vista Consulting utilized a three-pronged approach to highlight the project benefits with residents near the proposed Granite Park location and with the Fresno City Council.

Public Relations

Vista Consulting secured placement of opinion pieces in local news outlets to promote Club One Casino’s long-standing, positive working relationship with the city, while also promoting the benefits to the local community of having a stellar neighbor, such as Club One Casino.


Community Engagement

Vista Consulting coordinated and facilitated direct engagement with Granite Park community members by canvassing the surrounding neighborhood to speak with residents one-on-one. This provided an opportunity to raise awareness about Club One including the company’s profile, its outstanding history as a casino operator, and their charitable contributions while also addressing any concerns raised by residents. 

Vista Consulting also organized the casino’s employees to share with Fresno City Council the dire impact losing employment as a result of Club One not being permitted to open and operate at full capacity has had on their lives. 

Local business owners were also engaged and secured as advocates for Club One Casino to the members of Fresno’s City Council.  



Government Relations

By mobilizing residents of Granite Park, employees of Club One Casino, and Granite Park business owners, Vista Consulting provided an alternative narrative to the members of city council; one that came directly from those that would be affected by Club One’s move to the development. 

Vista Consulting also leveraged the agency’s in-depth understanding of the Fresno City Council and its elected officials to coordinate opportunities for Club One’s president to meet with various officials to enhance their understanding of Club One’s operations, vision, and guiding principles. 


Vista Consulting’s public relations, community engagement, and government relations strategy was a success. Overall, xx op-eds were placed, over xx Granite Park residents were engaged, over xx Club One employees shared their stories with city council, and over xx Granite Park businesses wrote letters to the council members in support of Club One Casino’s relocation. 

On December 2, 2021, Fresno City Council voted to approve all 51 tables for Club One Casino, permitting the casino to finally operate at full capacity at its new location in Granite Park.

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