Fresno Chamber Politcal Action Committee


The Fresno Chamber Political Action Committee enhances and supports Fresno Chamber of Commerce’s ability to participate in the electoral process at the local and state levels. The organization enlisted Vista Consulting to assist with launching a political advocacy campaign supporting reasonable policy solutions that encourage Californian employees return-to-work, in lieu of pandemic-related long-term structural unemployment insurance.


In the midst of a global pandemic, return-to-work initiatives could be perceived as callous and/or insensitive to individuals adversely impact by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Vista Consulting developed and rolled out thoughtful content for the political advocacy campaign – Help Wanted California – centered around the adverse effect pandemic-related long-term structural unemployment insurance was having state-wide, with a focus on small businesses. The content was advanced through a social media campaign, media campaign, and stakeholder engagement.


Vista Consulting’s public affairs strategy was a great success. The office of every elected official that Vista Consulting engaged with committed to sharing the details of Anthem’s Community Flu Shot Clinics within their respective districts.

Anthem Blue Cross reported a significant increase in the number of community members they were able to reach through their flu shot clinic program(?).

Vista Consulting