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NGC Construction is a San Joaquin Valley based family business providing high quality painting, drywall, lath and plaster services. The company handles residential, commercial, and multi-family projects. 

NGC Construction enlisted Vista Consulting to create and roll out a timely and strategic communications plan to improve NGC Construction’s public perception in the wake of a multimillion-dollar citation by the California Department of Industrial Relations.


Before NGC Construction contacted Vista Consulting, various news outlets had already run a number of damaging stories related to the citation.


Vista Consulting developed and carried out a decisive crisis communication plan to not only counter the misinformation published in the various stories circulating in the media, but also enhance the company’s overall public image through the use of key messaging. 


Vista Consulting’s public relations plan was a success. A number of credible news outlets ran stories with content pulled directly from a press statement written and released by Vista Consulting (as a part of the crisis communications plan). This provided an alternative narrative to the one that had been previously promulgated, which aided in the retention of NGC Construction’s contracts and created fertile ground for the development of new ones.

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