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Vista Consulting is a client-focused public affairs and advocacy company serving local, state, and federal clients. We pride ourselves with being more creative, diligent, and focused than our competitors. 


We deliver superior public affairs, advocacy, and association management services to our clients. Vista Consulting serves a variety of industries, including; health care, cannabis, water, and technology.


Armed with strong personal relationships and expertise, Vista Consulting provides uniquely effective public affairs and public relations support throughout the state.


Vista: noun - a pleasing view, especially one seen through a long, narrow opening.


Tal Eslick has been active in the public service and advocacy world for more than 15 years, bringing discipline and a focus on problem solving to his clients. He specializes in developing and executing public affairs and advocacy campaigns as well as association management services. Eslick also provides tremendous value to his clients through strong, personal relationships with local, state and federal policymakers.


Before starting Vista Consulting, Eslick held various senior external affairs roles with the largest energy provider in the United States. He is a veteran of numerous high-profile political and advocacy campaigns. Prior to joining the private sector, Eslick served in senior state and federal government roles including as a Chief of Staff in the United States Congress and California Assembly.


Eslick lives in Sacramento, California with his wife Rachel and their daughter Mary. 


Educational background: Bachelor of Arts, California State University, Fresno; Masters of Business Administration, California State University, Fresno.



Lydia Nattey is an accomplished community outreach and project management specialist, with over a decade of experience in community development. Over her career, Lydia has worked as a Program Coordinator and Program Director within the not-for-profit sector, as well as a Consultant and Educator for service providers of community-based organizations. With provincial recognition from Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (Canada) for community development with vulnerable communities in Ontario, Lydia has developed a reputation for her tenacious ability to develop innovative community-based projects that fulfill government strategies, while strengthening the resilience and position of vulnerable populations. 


Educational background:  Bachelor of Arts, University of Windsor

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