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Lydia Chan-Nattey

Vice President, Public Affairs

Lydia Chan-Nattey is an accomplished community outreach, development, and project management specialist with over a decade of experience in community development. Over her career, Lydia has worked as a Program Coordinator and Program Director within the not-for-profit sector, as well as a Consultant and Educator for service providers of community-based organizations.


With provincial recognition from Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (Ontario, Canada) for community development with vulnerable populations in Ontario, Lydia has developed a reputation for her tenacious ability to develop innovative, community-based projects and programs that fulfill government strategies, while strengthening the resilience and position of vulnerable populations. ​

Lydia is passionate about planning, organizing, and executing public affairs strategies and activities to help facilitate the strategic growth initiatives of businesses within California. She is dedicated to coordinating systematic political advocacy efforts for her clients, leveraging her expertise in community development to meaningfully develop relationships with community-based organizations, and engage in effective community outreach.

Educational background:  Bachelor of Arts, University of Windsor

Favorite non-profit: African American Network of Kern County


Lydia Chan-Nattey
Vista Consulting
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